Upcoming Sunday Services

Sunday Services at the Fellowship begin at 10:30am and end at approximately 11:45am.

    2019 Summer Sunday Schedule

    Summer services at the Fellowship, from July 7 through September 1 this year, are generally lay-led and very informal. Members and friends can sign up to provide a service, usually focused on a topic that is of deep interest to them. The services can take many forms, but are usually stimulating and lead to great conversations. Certain "standard features," like the chalice lighting and collection, do take place but others may not, and, since the pianist and choir (as well as the minister) get the summer off, there is usually not music unless provided by the person leading the service. There is no coffee hour, but there's usually something cold to drink for folks who want to hang out for a while. We hope you'll come and get to know us in a different, more casual way.

    • July 21 : "How Fragile Are You?" 

      Led by Judith Knauss

      Many white people believe, or work hard at convincing ourselves, that we are not racist and don't benefit from white supremacy: we may even fancy ourselves allies in the struggle for equality. Yet we often become uncomfortable with and "check out" of conversations around racism. This is a luxury afforded to us by our very whiteness, and when we check out, we leave people of color to do all the heavy lifting of dismantling the structures built to support white supremacy, as if we bear no responsibility for that work.

      If we truly want a world in which all people are equal, a world which reflects the seven principles of Unitarian Universalism in practice instead of theory, white people must face their fragility and find the courage to show up for the real work ahead of us.

      If you are willing to roll up your sleeves, please join us on Sunday, July 21, at 10:30am, when UUFP member Judith Knauss will host a new conversation. 

    • July 28 : "What's in a Name?" 

      Led by Rachael Epstein

    • August 4 : "Indigenous Voices" 

      Led by Spiral Web

    • August 11 : "Pete and Woody: An Unlikely Partnership"

      Led by Pat Lamanna and Steve Suffet

    • August 18 : "The Celtic Golden Dawn" 

      Led by Kendall Lestrade

    • August 25 : "The 7 Keys to Calm" 

      Led by Kathy Boone

    • September 1 : “The Letter Killeth, but the Spirit Giveth Life” 

      Led by Carol Elkins

    What to Expect on Sundays

    The Congregation is currently in transition between ministers. During this time all Sunday Services are organized by the Program Committee. The  Program Committee services include offerings from the Lifespan Faith Development Committee (religious education), Spiral Web, member panels, guest ministers and other interesting speakers.

    Sunday services typically include opening words, welcome & announcements, the chalice lighting, an opening song, "Words For All Ages," the singing of the children to their classes, candles of joy & sorrow, the passing of the collection plate (accompanied by a hymn), the sermon, an opportunity for congregational reflection, a closing song, and closing words.

    On most Sundays, children and youth stay in the sanctuary for the first twenty minutes of the service. "Words for All Ages," usually in the form of a story, often told by the Minister, concludes their time in the sanctuary, and they are then released to go to Sunday School. Several times a year, there will be a multi- generational service when the children and youth remain in the sanctuary and we all worship together.

    Following the worship service is the Fellowship Hour, a social hour during which refreshments, including Fair Trade coffee and tea, are served. On the third Sunday of every month, we also host Third Sunday Lunch. 

    Coffee Hour

    Since 2002, we have been participating in the Interfaith Program of a very special fair trade coffee company called Equal Exchange. It is the only coffee we serve during the coffee hour following the Sunday service.

    Equal Exchange is a for-profit Fairtrade worker-owned, cooperative headquartered in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Equal Exchange distributes organic, gourmet coffee, tea, sugar, cocoa, and chocolate bars produced by farmer cooperatives in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Founded in 1986, it is the oldest and largest Fair Trade coffee company in the United States. Dedicated to concepts of economic justice, the highest paid employee of Equal Exchange may not make more than four times what the lowest paid employee receives.

    Essentially, Equal Exchange brings together the producer and the consumer in an equitable and meaningful way. The middleman (in the case of coffee, called Coyotes), and establishes a more direct connection between the producer and consumer.

    During Third Sunday Lunches and often near holidays, we sell selected Equal Exchange products, including coffee, teas and chocolate. The proceeds from product sales actually funds the coffee we all enjoy on Sunday morning. And, we're be promoting justice with every cup!