The Fellowship is made possible by all of us. Just as leaves give life to a tree and strengthen its roots each year, each of us contributes a diversity of gifts. Some of these gifts necessary are financial. In an effort to make it a little easier to support us in our work, we have some fairly painless ways to give! 

If you use GoodSearch to search the internet, or shop through IGive, AMAZON, please consider shopping through our link, which generates income for the Fellowship with each purchase. So does shopping through iGIVE, and using GOODSEARCH as your search engine. To use any of these, click on the image for each service.

  • Endowment Fund

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  • Goodsearch

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  • Igive

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Donate via PayPal

On the checkout page within PayPal, there is a box labeled "What is this for"; please feel free to leave us a note within that box to let us know any specifics about your donation.

Alternatively, please send a confidential email to with that information.

Thank you for your generous support.