The Fellowship's love affair with the arts is evident in the fact that we have our own resident theatrical company, called Uniplayers.

Founded in 1997 by members Garth Coogan and Nancy Means Wright,   Uniplayers seeks to produce at least one play a year, usually in the beginning of June. This event seeks to give as many performance opportunities to members of the Fellowship as possible. It also seeks to   include members of the outside community, and a contiguous performance in the City of Poughkeepsie.

We are considering the possibility of several other performances during the year.   It is our goal to contribute to the fund raising efforts of the Fellowship. 

Some highlights from past performances can be seen below.

"The Hard Way Made Easier"

Underneath the hard ordeal of change, through which we all must go, is the beauty of poetry and uplifting energy told in this light-hearted play.   The show was comprised of two parts: first is “Hiawatha’s Vision,” a little bit of Longfellow’s classic poem; second is “Phoebe’s Dream,” an original musical by Carol Elkins. 

This tale was presented at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Poughkeepsie on June 2 and starred (in alphabetical order) Barbara Corona, Barbara Davis, Bruce & Rachael Epstein, Bob Halliday, Jolanda Jansen, Lily Jensen, Lawrence Miller, Nick Salyer, Rasonia Squire, Amy Strom, and Ray Watkins.