Young Adults

The Young Adult group (18-30s) at the Fellowship is coordinated by life-long UUFP member Soyal Smalls. 

Focused on opportunities to connect, build community and deepen spiritually, the Young Adults (18 to 30s) meet for hikes, food, movies, music and more.

Mind, Body and Soul

With your mind and body in harmony, your Soul will thrive! To get involved, contact Soyal by clicking here and find out about more activities, events, which feed the soul. 

If you are a college student or looking to connect with young adults in there early 20's the Vassar Collge UU's meet on campus. You can take a look at their Facebook page, Vassar Unitarian Universalists

or contact their Religious Life Department

Nourish your body with the guidance of UU raised Yogi, Sara Hart at iHart Lens. Over 15yrs working/living and walking the Medicine Woman Path, Sara is forever a student of life and shares in a few ways as an Artist Educator Yogini Healer who offers unique and creative caregiving services and experiences. Her mission is to teach creativity and mindfullness related programs for youth and adults to bring awareness to their unique gifts & to bring healing to yourself and the planet. Contact Sara Hart for Directions.

Nourish your mind by checking out this blog page: Blue Boat ( which is hosted by the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries of the Unitarian Universalist Association. It is a space to share stories and successes, resources and information for youth and young adults, on-campus groups and individuals, as well as the advisers and staff who work with them.

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