East Wing Kitchen

The East Wing Kitchen (the original kitchen for the building) provides an alternative to the Main Kitchen,  or additional space for food preparation.

There is a refrigerator, a four-burner stove, oven and broiler, a microwave oven, a toaster oven and a double sink.

There is a long table and chairs. An island and counters provide additional work space.

Fluorescent fixtures and windows provide light.

One door allows entry from the East Wing Library, one opens into the nursery and one opens onto the playground.

Renters needing to use this stove will need to make arrangements with the administrator to have the gas for the oven turned on.

Anyone using the East Wing Kitchen is completely responsible for clean-up, including bagging of all trash. Brooms, extension cords and recycling bins are in the  closet at the end of the Main Kitchen opposite the door to the Main Meeting Room.

Please note that the Fellowship's custodian is not responsible for cleanup after rental events!