We welcome children of all ages!

Sundays for families and children

Worship is not something in addition to religious education…..worship is religious exploration for all ages!  Children of all ages begin Sunday mornings with their families in the Main Meeting Room (MMR).  They take part in the chalice lighting, first hymn, and an age appropriate Words For All Ages connected to the monthly spiritual theme.  Most Sundays, children are then sung out of the Main Meeting Room to their collaborative and exploratory religious education space (indoors and out!)..  At least once a month, children of all ages remain in the MMR for a multigenerational worship service which includes usually includes participation for/by everyone. 

Children are always welcome to remain with their parents in the Main Room during services.  We offer "BUUsy Bags" with in-seat activities available, as well as a SoftSpace for younger children. We also offer an activity table with quiet and sensory activities for all ages, to help support anyone who may benefit from a quiet activity during the service.

What are we exploring this year? 

  • The Soul Matters Curriculum
  • Holidays & Holy Days Curriculum
  • Nature
  • Social Justice/Food Insecurity

Social Justice and Community Service

  • Building a relationship with the Poughkeepsie Community Fridge Project. 
  • Exploring concepts of fairness and equity


Gardening and planting projects in learning about stewardship, and learning about the history of the land we use in worship

And so much more!

In order to help us connect with your family, please complete a registration here for your children or youth to participate.

If you have any questions about our R.E. program, please contact Reed Asher, RE Chair here.