Main Meeting Room

Hexagonal in shape, with a vaulted celing, the Main Meeting Room (MMR) is primarily utilized as the sanctuary for Sunday services, but it is also used for other major events at the Fellowship such as concerts, theatrical productions, game nights, potluck suppers and more. The room is also an excellent space for weddings, large meetings and conferences.

The Main Kitchen is immediately adjacent to the Main Meeting Room, making it a practical place from which to cater a meeting or party. A dutch door increases food service options.

An audio system feeds speakers in the MMR, the Main Lobby and the Main Kitchen.  A lavalier and two hand-held wireless microphones are available. Recordings can be made through the system.

A lectern with a lamp can be placed any where the electric cord can reach an outlet on the wall. Grounded outlets are located at regular intervals along the walls.

A small grand piano is available for use.

There are six carpeted risers which may be configured as needed for events, and there is a concrete dance floor in the center of the room. The dance floor is normally covered by a hexagonal piece of carpet that can be rolled up as needed.

Also available are a dozen long folding tables, ten card tables and a hundred folding chairs.

Two ceiling fans provide air movement when needed and a thermostat is specifically dedicated to this space.