Music & Visual Arts

Music is integral to the life of the Fellowship, as it is integral to the human spirit. There are many ways to "plug in," if music holds special meaning for you.

Our choral group, The Helen Baldwin Singers, directed by Mary Ann Osgood, performs at most services conducted by the Minister. The HB Singers present pieces from both classical and contemporary repertoires. Rehearsal is on selected Sunday mornings from 9:00am to 10:30am.

In May, 2010, the singers appeared with a community chorus for the debut of "A Requiem for Haiti," composed by Poughkeepsie resident, Gretchen Gould. 

To the left is a photo of the late Helen Baldwin, the gifted pianist and Fellowship Director of Music who began the choral group.

Our Sunday morning pianists are Barbara Kendall and Kathy Duncan. More pianists are welcome! 

A number of Fellowship members are musicians and composers, and many of our youth are gifted musically. Many of them have provided music for Sunday services.  We have also had guest musicians -local professionals and college students - play on Sunday mornings as well. 

Additionally, the Fellowship has long been home to the Poughkeepsie chapter of the Hudson Valley Folk Guild which meets on the third Saturday of each month. Most Folk Guild evenings have a featured performance, followed by an intermission and an open mike. For more information on the folk guild, click here


Art, like music, can be a deeply spiritual practice. 

Throughout the year, the Main Meeting Room features exhibitions of paintings, photographs and other works. The Curator is Karl Volk. Often, the artists are members of the Fellowship. 

The Artist, or Artists, of the Month are listed in each order of service and in our newsletter. Additionally, each artist is entitled to hold a weekend reception at some point during the two months the show is up. Receptions are scheduled according to availability.