Fellowship Sunday services are followed by hospitality hour, a time when the congregation enjoys light snacks and conversation. The Fellowship proudly serves only Fair Trade Coffee. We also make Fair Trade tea and hot chocolate available. Our buffet table offers an assortment of nibbles: bagels, crackers, cheese, cookies, fruit and other baked goods.

Sunday teams volunteer to brew the coffee, prepare the hospitality table and clean up afterwards. Five teams of approximately twelve members and friends serve on each team. Each team takes responsibility for two months in the Fellowship year – September to June. This method offers a great opportunity for the congregation to participate in the hospitality ministry. Sunday teams also enjoy kitchen chat as they set the table, prepare the refreshments and wash the dishes. Friendships are made and reinforced during this team activity.

On every third Sunday, the congregation enjoys a pot-luck lunch. The Sunday teams preside over the lunch as they do for hospitality hour, with one exception. Members and friends bring food for the table. On these Sundays, hungry congregants will find anything from corn chowder to chili to salad to homemade chocolate chip cookies. No two Sunday lunches offer the same menu, but the offerings are always delicious.

While the Fellowship enjoys hosting members and visitors, it also provides a home-cooked meal each month for residents at a local homeless shelter. Every fourth Friday, a team of volunteers prepares a meal for sixty homeless men and women. They then deliver it the shelter and remain to serve the meal to the residents.