Fair Trade Bazaar

For nearly twenty years, the Fellowship was a driving force, with other local faith communities and the Dutchess County Interfaith Council, in a weekend-long Fair Trade Bazaar during the winter holiday season. The Bazaar was a spiritual and ethical shopping experience, one way of helping people become socially and economically aware of the origins of their goods, and the fact that buying something cheaply often means that the labor force responsible for its production was unfairly compensated.

The last Bazaar was held in December of 2021, and has not been held since due to the pandemic. Maybe this year!

Fair Trade & Handmade

Fair Trade is a revolutionary concept of economic justice put into action. The general idea is that people should be fairly compensated for their work. The Fellowship supports Fair Trade in several ways. Watch a short video below about the difference we help make.


Marriage Equality

The Fellowship has been at the forefront of advocating for marriage equality.

One of the Fellowship’s proudest moments came when our former minister, Reverend Kay Greenleaf, put herself on the front lines to marry same-sex couples in New York State. We stood with Kay on the steps of the New Paltz Town Hall as she went inside to face the judge and court.


The Fellowship takes seriously concerns about the environment, and has provided workshops and informational presentations on various topics, including global climatic change with a speaker trained by Al Gore's Climate Project.

On a local level, we participate in the annual Great Hudson River Cleanup, and have provided support for Clearwater.

Ethical Eating

The Fellowship is committed to promoting ethical eating, which is closely linked to issues of environmental and economic justice. 

On a local level, the Fellowship partners in many projects with the The Poughkeepsie Farm Project, a Community Supported Agriculture venture. 

The draft Statement of Conscience of the UUA relative to ethical eating may be viewed by clicking here.