Faith Development

Faith Development is a lifelong process. For a short introduction to the evolution of faith in children, click on the "Grow" picture at the bottom right hand corner. For more introductory information about faith development, please click here: Wikipedia article on Fowler's stages of faith development. 

Religious Education at the Fellowship is a collaborative effort between the Lifespan Faith Development Committee, the Director of Religious Education, the Minister, and the members of the congregation who volunteer to be fully present for children, youth and adults as teachers, assistants, mentors and facilitators for the programs offered here at the Fellowship.

Please check out all of the pages here, under "Religious Exploration," as well as all of the pages under "Spiritual Expeditions" and "Chalice UUniversity." See for yourself what a big, wide wonderful world we live in and how much there is to explore, together as well as individually! We hope you that during your own spiritual journey you will travel side by side with us, at least for a little while.