Staying Safe

During the Covid-19 shutdown, you may find content in this section to help you keep yourself and your family safe.

UUFP Building Use (Updated June 22, 2021)


Great News! Dutchess and Ulster Counties have both entered the "green" risk category on While that doesn't mean there's no risk, it means that it's low and we can gather with caution. We'll continue to watch out for further developments, especially as cooler weather hits and variants change things.

For us, that means currently:

  • We will stop requiring sign-in for contact tracing.
  • Outdoor gatherings have no limits on the number of participants.
  • Indoor gatherings are permitted with some limits on the number per room. Indoor children's events are restricted until they can be vaccinated or risk drops further.
  • Masks are strongly encouraged, particularly indoors) but not required.
  • Singing, which is known to be of particular risk, is restricted to a soloist separated by 10 feet from others.
  • We won't share food yet indoors but will allow beverages (BYO cup). We can pass out individually packaged items when meeting outdoors.
  • We strongly encourage making use of all the ventilation possible when indoors: open windows & doors & vents, turn on ceiling fans, etc.

As always, contact our administrator, Donna, to reserve space inside or outside the building. And may we all stay healthy in body and spirit.

Blessing and love,

Paula Greenspan

"Wash Your Hands" Song

Our former minister, Viola Abbitt's  lyrics from a March 2020 UUFP Sunday Service.
Sung to tune of UU hymn “Come, come, whoever you are”.

“Scrub, scrub, scrub both of your hands
Fronts of them, backs, of them,
Between the fingers.
Please don’t forget to wash both of your thumbs.
And, under your nails.”

(Alternate last line is “Scrub, yet again, scrub”)


Making Face Masks

They are now saying that wearing face masks is a good thing. So here are three that I found to be good and fun. I suggest you watch all three, choosing the one that uses the materials you have available.

For those of you who can’t make one, don’t have the supplies, or whatever, I can make one or more for you and mail it to you.  I would love to hear back from you, and “see” what you have made.  Happy sewing

-Contributed by Reed Asher

  • For BEGINNERS! ❤ How To Make A Fabric Face Mask At Home Easy

    This one for beginners is really fun to watch, and quick, and uses elastic like the first one.


    This one has the coolest idea for no-sew stretchy ties. And I really like the demonstrator.

  • How to SEW a Medical Face Mask//Tutorial

    This one has really great directions, and uses elastic for going around your ears. You need a machine.