Staying Safe

During the Covid-19 shutdown, you may find content in this section to help you keep yourself and your family safe.

UUFP Building Use (Updated January 30, 2022)


We value the worth and dignity of all, and we treasure each of our members and friends and want everyone to remain as healthy as possible.

Due to high Covid risk levels in Dutchess and Ulster Counties of New York, the UUFP building has been closed for Sunday services and all other gatherings. We are very happy to say that, now that cases are receding once again, we have reopened the building!

Our services are now held both in person at our Fellowship building, and on Zoom for those who choose to remain at home. A limited coffee hour will begin Sunday, April 10 following the service.

Small groups (10 or fewer) are permitted to enter the building for social activities. This does not include committees or other groups transacting Fellowship business. You must:
•    schedule your meeting with our office administrator;
•    appoint a person to be in charge;
•    use the sign-in sheet at the door;
•    masking and social distancing are encouraged;
•    all present should be vaccinated.
The Task Force is open to questions, thoughts, ideas and suggestions. You can contact any of us: me, Pat Lamanna at; Bruce Epstein (; Paula Greenspan (; and Fran Sunderland (

"Wash Your Hands" Song

Our former minister, Viola Abbitt's  lyrics from a March 2020 UUFP Sunday Service.
Sung to tune of UU hymn “Come, come, whoever you are”.

“Scrub, scrub, scrub both of your hands
Fronts of them, backs, of them,
Between the fingers.
Please don’t forget to wash both of your thumbs.
And, under your nails.”

(Alternate last line is “Scrub, yet again, scrub”)